SCM System Consultation, Analysis and Implementation

  • Documented Reduced Total Operational Cost (TOC) and Increased Total Asset Visibility (TAV)

  • Customer Centric Unique Approach to Business Process Definition and Documentation

  • Integration of New  Data Management, Reporting and PBL Metrics

Item Unique Identification

  • Extensive Experience in Planning and Implementing IUID for Navy, Army and Joint Programs In accordance with DoDD 8320.03, DoDI 8320.04 and MIL-STD-130.

    • Development and Update of IUID Plans

    • Design, Production and Verification of IUID Markings

    • Development of Technical Drawings and Documentation for IUID Placement on Systems

  • Received IUID Team Excellence Award

Inventory Control Point (ICP) Management Providing Just In Time Supply

  • GVI Deployed Passive Radio Frequency Identification (pRFID)

    • Real Time Inventory Tracking and Reporting

  • Extensive Experience In Virtual Warehouse Management

    • Centralized Control of Decentralized Inventory