pRFID System Installation


GVI has installed and developed custom software for a 3D pRFID inventory tracking system for NSWC NAVEODTECHDIV in locations on base at Indian Head, Maryland, and in Norfolk, Virginia.

GVI has installed a 3D RFID inventory tracking system for NSWC NAVEODTECHDIV in locations on base at Indian Head,Maryland, and inNorfolk,Virginia.

 The 3D RFID system employs advanced antenna systems, mathematical algorithms and signal processing techniques similar to those which have been applied to military target tracking systems. The Intelligent Tracking and Control System (ITCS®) provided by RF Controls greatly enhances the utility of passive UHF RFID systems by using strategically placed antenna arrays, to identify, locate & track a wide range of tagged items concurrently.

A Middleware application developed by GVI reconciles tag & location data with the customer’s inventory control system providing a complete and verified real-time picture of inventory status. The simple user interface developed by GVI enables the customer to track, maintain, and monitor inventory status via a secure internet connection from any location. The Middleware is currently configured to operate with the COLTS® inventory System, but can be adapted to any inventory management system as required.

The success of the initial installations has received very positive attention from NSWC NAVEODTECHDIV and from other Department of Defense organizations leading to additional requests for more installations.


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